Gábor Goda: Where?

(working title)

Premiere: 2018


The upcoming 2018 new production of Artus, following the Drip Canon Lábán Prize winning performance and the Swarm entitled production, will be a large–scale, spacious performance involving many artists, due to be shown at MÜPA, in the organisation of National Dance Theatre.

The Drip Canon raised the issue of how the individual can only become who he/she is together with other individuals, as a part of a greater whole, through his/her relationships and interactions with the others. The Swarm examined the individual and communal conditions of decision making.Both foregoing productions were trying to find a language balancing on the verge of science, philosophy and art that would be perceivable and tangible. The new piece entitled “Where?”, takes up the line of thought of the preceding two productions, and investigates the issue of what is it that makes decisions. Where is the place, the body, the physical or mental space in a man and/or community, in which and by means of which a decision is made, or a thought is born? This time, the starting point of our work will be the latest results and discoveries of brain research, by which we will question the most determining issues of our own real life. The outcomes of medical science are, after all, not merely directed at healing the body, but also oriented towards healing the humanity and health of the society.

Do we search in the right place when we are looking for something? Where do we look for our thoughts or feelings? In the body? In the brain? Heart? In our cells? In each other? Or elsewhere?

The parallel between space and mind forms the basis of the whole performance. Where is the consciousness? Where is the mind? Where are your brains? Where?

Where is our private and social life heading, and how or „where” is this decided, -  is a fundamental question of each individual and society.

Based on the preliminary ideas and plans, the performance will demand high-tech stage equipment, stage engineering, huge space and height requiremets. By means of interactive visual elements and screenings we will try to make the otherwise invisible human mind perceivable and visible.The world of movement will be provided by the art of tai chi and shen dao kung fu that transform into dance. The music material of the performance will be articulated by a chamber orchestra accompanied by a choir.


Dr. Norman Doidge: The brain’s way of healing? (Remarkable discoveries and recoveries from the frontiers of neuroplasticity)

Barabási Albert László: Flashes (the future is predictable)

Sogyal Rinpoche: The Tibetan Book of Living and Dying

Prospective performers: The company of Artus, the Tai Chi Chuan and Kung Fu martial arts practitioners of the Total Reality Taoist School of Tai Chi, The Á la cARTe choir and a chamber orchestra

Visual Design: Sebestény Ferenc, Goda Gábor

Creative technique: Papp Gábor, Nagy Ágoston, Hajdu Gáspár

Music director: Philipp György

Scientific collaboration: Kenyeres István

Light Design, collaborating artist: Kocsis Gábor

Costume Design: Lőrincz Kriszta

Director-Choreographer: Goda Gábor