Founded in 1985 by Gábor Godacompany

Members of the company are directors, choreographers, costume designers, composers, set designers, intermedia artists, photographers, actors, dancers, sculptors, painters, graphic designers, organizers.


Tresspassing the borders of traditionally defined genres, we have always been searching new ways. The actual space of the performance, the personality of the performer and the creator and the constant reconsideration of the partnership with the aiudience have become more and more important.

Through the creative cooperation between the performers, musicians, visual artists we aim to create performances and events wich have their own, specific language that emerges from the creative process itself.

We produce 1-2 performances yearly on average in Hungary. Our pieces move on the verge of dance, theatre, performance and installation.

We are constantly seeking partnership with artists and organizers from other countries to either present our repertoire abroad or to take part in international collaborations, workshops. Thus, during our history, we were able to cooperate in various ways with Scottish, Swiss, New-zealandic, Izraeli, American, Romanian, Austrian, Egyptian, French, Mexican, etc. companies and festivals.


The way we we work, writing a piece, realizing and coreographing it, composing its musical and visual context, rehearsals and the experimentation process happen simultaneously. We see our task in expanding the horizon of a central thought, in asking questions that are actual to all, and unfolding it richly. Our pieces are inspired by the true interest, social and personal sensitivity of the members as well as their personal experiences and memories. Theatre work at Artus is a creative process for all: artists and audience alike.