img 0349Budapest, XI. district, Újbuda, Sztregova street, the abandoned factory building behind Fonó Music House of Buda.
Theatre area (120 people, 150 nm stage)
Rehearsal room (10x10 m), - only this space can be heated -
Hall (400 nm)
Exhibition area (200 nm)
Workshops (10 rooms, 500 nm altogether)

There are about 30 artists on 2000 square meters, working together and individually in small workshops and vast halls, inspiring each other constantly.

At Artus studio the goal is not to make cultural products, but to give space for creative human interactions and to awaken thoughts.

Our own programs
Artus artists’ creations comply the performance and visual art programs of the Studio. (Read more under „Actual”)

Hosting and residency
We are happy to host progressive productions from other companies from time to time. We host companies from Hungary and abroad and provide possibilities for artist residencies without genre restrictions.