Atsushi Takenouchi (J): SKIN

4th of December  19:30 pm
in Studio Artus



Does my skin separate me from the external world ?
Magma, underground bedrock, surface soil, the atmosphere, the magnetosphere - the layers of
the earth.
Membrane of cells, internal organs, muscles, bones, and the body... a wave of emotion, a layer of
energy... aura - the inner and outer layer of our body.
Perhaps there is no boundary between me and my environment.
There is only the sensation from the many layers of skin.
The life of the moment, the dance begins with this layered sensation.
/Atsushi Takenouchi/


Title of the performance :  SKIN
Performer: Atsushi Takenouchi (J)
Choreographer: Atsushi Takenouchi
Live music: Hiroko Komiya (J)
Length of the piece: 70 min.



Dreaming in the earth.
Asking the ground how to grow.
Opening the branches and leaves, bringing blooming flowers.
Giving the fruits that contain the seeds of the next cycle, the next EN.

This piece is the fruit of a year long research about the connection between the body and the year cycle of Nature. Following the changes of the seasons, we passed through different stages, qualities that created the dance.

The world “EN” means cycle, destiny, and connection in Japanese language.
/Heléna Hrotkó/

Title of the performance :  E N / Cycle
Performer: Ayumi Toyabe (J)
Choreographer: Heléna Hrotkó
Music: J. S. Bach
Length of the piece: 20 min.