opening: 9 november 2017, 18:00, Artus Studio "factory"
on display: 9 nov. - 26 nov. , Mo-Sat 16:00-20:00
opening speech: Tillmann J. A.

tutors: Daniel Balo, Tamas Bene

 A series of installations designed throughout a course at the Institute of Architecture, MOME move into the empty spaces of Artus Studio. The concept of the course is to combine a carefully chosen space with an abstract idea, utopia or dystopia and study the fusion of the two throughout a semester. As a result the outcomes are designs, installations or works of art which react and reflect on the theoretical background of the semester as well as on the quality of the space where they are intended.

“Taking a close look at – at what’s around us there – there is some sort of a harmony. It is the harmony of… overwhelming and collective murder.” Werner Herzog

The theoretical part of the course unfolds a dystopian vision in the relationship of nature and men. The core of the dystopia depicts a state where nature is conquered by humans, existing only as a framed phenomena, where the only species that survive are the ones that are indispensable for the existence of the human species. Everything else that is replaceable is either extinct or part of a skansen as an exhibition item – deprived from its former role or function in nature.

Bene Márton, Budai Csaba, Cséki Angéla Kitti, Farkas Flóra, Füstös István, Kovács Júlia, Ádám Krasz, Matl Szilárd, Nagy Zoltán, Szabó Áron, Székely Dávid, Tóth Árpád, Turóczi Áron Mátyás, Váradi Botond, Varga Bence Balázs

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