Ephemer Works

A performance that is born, develops and dies within a single day

Every Ephemer Works is a premiere. The performing artists of Artus create a unique, unrepeatable one-off performance-event during a single day of intensive rehearsal, centered around a specific theme for the night. Anything happening in the course of each event will never be seen in that very form ever again. 

Each and every event of the Ephemer Works series is a unique, out-of-the-ordinary, unpredictable and exciting encounter for both the artists and the audience. No stage. No auditorium.  While the public and the artists are chatting freely at the table, different visual, musical, and theatre actions continually arouse around them.

The most fitting term to describe this indescribable genre could be a „contemporary variety play” or „performance-pub series.”

The purpose of the Artus Ephemer Works action series, which debuted in 2010, and had gone past its 46th edition in 2016, - is to revive the real spirit of performance art with thoughtful, playful and formally daring episodes, in which the spontaneity and elaborate precision are paradoxically present at the same time.

Artus studio often invites guest artists to take part in the creation of one of the Ephemer Works events. Besides the genres of theatre and dance, there are regularly visual artists, musicians, inter media artists, filmmakers, programmers, and occasionally Hungarian or foreign companies joining the creative work process. 

Performing artists and co-creators of the Ephemer Works performance series so far:

Bakó Tamás, Baló Dániel, Baranyai Imre, Bodóczki Antal, Boross Martin, Debreczeni Márton, Dombi Kati, Csató József, Fekete Dávid, Ferencz Kriszta, Fischer Balázs, Fodor Réka, Goda Gábor, Gold Bea, Halas Dóra and the ’Soharóza’ choir, Hantos Násfa, Heppes Miklós, Ilka Rita, Izsák Szilvia, Julia Jakubowska, Jónás Vera, Kemény Rozália, Kiss Eszter, Kiss Krisztián, Kocsis Gábor, Körmendy Pál, Lipka Péter, László Lilla, Lukács László and the ’Kompánia Színházi Társulat’, Makkai Dániel, Markovics Zita, Mayer Lili, Mayer Zita, Mándy Ildikó, Méhes Csaba, Mózes Zoltán, Nagy Ágoston, Nagy Csilla, Nagy Fruzsina, Nádor Tibor, Papp Gábor, Pelva Gábor,  Porteleki Áron, Réti Anna, Szalay Henriett, Téri Gáspár, Tucker András, Turcsány Villő, Virág Melinda

Theatre Companies:

Moradokmai Theatre Troup, Thailand (2012),

Noreum Machi Ensemble and Art3 Theatre, South Korea (2013),

Teatr Jednego Wiersza, Poland (2014),

Members of the Ankara and Trabzon National Theatres, Turkey (2015)

Central European Dance Theatre, Hungary (2016)

Masakr Elsinor Theatre Company, Czech Republic (2016)

Kompánia Theatre Studio, Hungary


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