Forgotten Song


Upcoming performances: 20 pm, 3-4th March

Location: Artus Studio

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Chroniclers are memory-beings. They remember by forgetting. They forget the things that everyone keeps in mind and they recall ancient things that noone else can.

Long-forgotten objects fall in the way of the chroniclers as they roam bare-footed in the rustlabyrinth of the past. A pair of earrings, a marionett-puppet in the bucket or a steel-chord between two people. Memories embody through them: they acquire a sound, colour and they create relations.

They research rituals hidden under the surface of habits and everday routines: cleansing, having a bath, forgetting, vigil, mourning and remembering, or stepping in and out of a shoe.

Creator-chroniclers: Han­tos Násfa, Hep­pes Mik­lós, Kemény Rozá­lia, Lukács László, Lukács Mihály, Mayer Zita, Mózes Zol­tán, Pelva Gábor, Sza­lay Hen­ri­etta

Directed by: Goda Gábor

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