Urban fate-tourism


A theatrical trip in the stage set of reality


Promenade is an urban theatrical trip. A tour bus is cruising in the city with the audience on board. There is a promised destination, but the arrival is hindered by a series of obstacles. The performers make a journey in space and time and we follow their routes, which all become stories. The audience accompany the actors 

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from station to station and listen to their vocalized thoughts. 

The viewers gradually become fate tourists, the city becomes a set, the guides become characters, their actions, words and the happenings become scenes. But all this happens only for the passengers of the Promenade bus, who are guided into the world of fiction like being guided through the sights of a city. The stories are about goals and the adventures of achieving them.
Personal experiences, desires, urban legends come alive. We experiment with hidden poetry, which means that most of the movement based scenes are not visibly abstract, but can fit to the surrounding reality. The route of the characters is influenced by a series of coincidences, thus they cross one another’s route again and again.
A musician also accompanies the audience, who edits the acoustic layer of the performance live. Various narrations also come from headphones mixed with the music that serves as a “background” to the muted actions, scenes that we are watching from behind the window. The audience will encounter video materials as well, just like on a real tourist bus. We look for the ways of making things audible that cannot be heard in real life and make things visible that would otherwise remain hidden.
Thus, Promenade is a performance staged in a reality-set, and it is also a process, in the course of which we relate to our environment, we collect images, memories, characteristics to create the interdisciplinary story line. 
Our rehearsal process is also a research. It has a continuous impact on the developing script. In the research phase we collect urban documentary videos, which we use as inspiration, then we include some in the performance as well. We look for such things that are extraordinary but not flashy, eye-catching. Things that you wouldn’t necessarily notice, that are easy to miss, but if it is pinpointed and you start watching it, it might bewilder you, or frighten, surprise you, make you suspicious, appalled, or rejoiced.

We invite the audience to join us as early as the preparation period: they can share their own stories with us with which can influence the final form of the performance. Civilian participants will take part in the performances as characters, their stories will become part of the piece at some highlighted points of the route.
The performance will be different each time. The composition of the actors will change from performance to performance, the joining civilians, some elements of the story and even the locations can also change.
Although we plan the premiere for a Budapest route in May 2013, as the main set is the city and not Budapest itself, the structure of the performance gives ground for the adaptation of Promenade to other cities as well.

creators and performers: Debreczeni Márton • Gold Bea • Julia Jakubowska • Kocsis Gábor • Nagy Csilla • Téri Gáspár
Tucker András • Vadas Zsófia Tamara

artistic partners: Goda Gábor, Sarah Günther

musical director: Tóth Szabolcs

production manager: Rácz Anikó

assistant-director: Téri Gáspár

directed by: Boross Martin

supporters: Ministry of Human Resources • Meta project of the In Situ network• European Union Culture Programme, Jardin d'Europe, PLACCC Festival, Workshop Foundation

Further information:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.">
Premiere19 h 1 June - PLACCC Festival