Nagy Ágoston

media designer


Agoston is a freelance interaction designer who makes software based interfaces, physical installations and interactive prototypes using free and open source tools. He is a co-founder of the experimental media design collective Binaura, he is giving international workshops regularly in the fields of interaction modalities (Gobelains, Paris, France), creative coding
(Newport University, UK) and procedural drawing (Parthapur, Rajasthan India). He is a guest lecturer at Moholy Nagy University of Design & Arts (Budapest, Hungary) where he teaches sonification, creative coding and networked media. He is also giving courses regularly at the Bergen Academy of Art & Design. His artistic research is focusing on interaction, new interfaces for creative communication, prototyping and open source exchange of ideas. Opening and modifying existing commercial tools and contexts are part of his working process.
He has several collaborations with enterpreneurs (New Music Expo, Kunst Halle, Budapest), startup companies (, media labs (Kitchen Budapest), independent theatre companies (Artus Contemporary Arts Studio) and different museums (Hungarian Palace of Arts, Museum of Literature, Museum of Ethnography, etc)