from within 4 days dedicated to the studies of Steve Paxton

led by Nóra Hajós and Eszter Gál
August 8-11, 2024.
Artus: 1116. Budapest, Sztregova u. 7.

In these four days, we will deepen into two major works by Steve Paxton, The Material the Spine (MFS) and Contact Improvisation (CI). We offer two intensives, a 3-hour practice of MFS by Nóra Hajós in the mornings for 4 days and a 2.5-hour practice of CI by Eszter Gál in the afternoons for 3 days. In the evenings there will be Contact Jams, talks, performances, and video showings of Steve Paxton’s work.


8 August, 2024 Thursday
9:00-10:00 Registration at Artus
10:00-13:00 MFS – Nóra Hajós
13:00-15:00 lunch
15:00-17:30 CI – Eszter Gál
17:30-19:00 dinner
19:00-22:00 CI Jam (for the participants only)

9-10. August, 2024 Friday and Saturday
10:00-13:00 MFS – Nóra Hajós
13:00-15:00 lunch
15:00-17:30 CI – Eszter Gál
17:30-19:00 dinner
19:00-22:00 Programs that are open to everyone
Friday: Performance with guests – Artus Theater
Saturday: Video showing, talks – Artus Studio

11 August, 2024 Sunday
10:00-13:00 MFS – Nóra Hajós
13:00-14:30 lunch
14:30-16:30 CI Jam (for the participants only)
16:30-17:00 Closing

About the intensives:
The workshop is an introduction to Nóra’s longtime practice and study of Material for the spine. Steve Paxton’s system for exploring the interior and exterior muscles of the back aims to bring consciousness to the dark side of the body, that is, the ‘other’ side or the inside, those sides not much self-seen, and to submit sensations from them to the mind for consideration.

During the days we will practice:
 focusing on our inner sensations with Steve`s favorite warm ups.
 learning and practicing rolling on the floor, in spiral (helix) and other forms.
 studying undulations (wavelike movements).
 moment to moment awareness tuning.
 finding own small dance
 and following the spontaneous rise of improvisation in the group.

Contact Improvisation – “small things” with Eszter Gál
Steve immersed himself in the smallest details, listening, sometimes waiting, but mostly listening to the inner movement, the gravitationally tuned presence of the body, the small(est) movements of letting go, falling, and catching. What happens when we bring our attention to gravity and touch? What happens when we replace will with intention? What and how do the spaces that open through tactile relationships offer us when we meet our partner in a state of falling, without push, will, or ideas, along with the intention of meeting in the dance? In our three sessions, emphasis will be placed on observing the constant presence of small or even smaller dance in the background of “big movements” and on exercises that explore the basic movements of the dance form and the possibilities of detachment from the ground. There will be experimentation and lots of dancing.

Early Bird full program: 4-day program 70.000 HUF/ 180 HUF paid before the 18th of July
Full program: 4-day program 76.000 HUF / 195 EUR paid after the 18th of July
Scholarship for full program participation: 55.000 HUF /140 EUR

We offer two scholarship places for the event. It is for those who wish and can commit to the full program and seek financial support. Applying for the reduced-price scholarship places please send us a motivation letter, share your background, and the reasons for applying for the scholarship. Send your application letter to: Dóri Ádám alongside your registration form till the early bird date. We will inform you about the result until the 20th of July.

If there is space, joining either of the intensives is possible. The morning and afternoon intensive fees do not include the evening programs and the Sunday closing Jam.
Morning (MFS) intensive only (4×3 hours): 42.000 HUF / 110 EUR
Afternoon (CI) intensive only (3×2,5 hours): 26.000 HUF / 70 EUR
Evening programs Friday & Saturday (open for all): 3000-5000 HUF / 10-15 EUR (suggested

Registration cost: 8000 HUF (non-refundable)
***Please note, that the price includes the registration cost. When you fill out the registration form, your place is only secured if you pay the registration cost. The remainder of the fee needs to be paid at the venue on day one.

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Nóra Hajós (H/USA) started her dance studies at age 4 in her native Hungary. For about 4 decades has been teaching the art of dance and movement improvisation, as well as creating performances in Europe, USA, Canada and South America. Nóra studied in-depth with the following teachers, with whom she also collaborated and performed on many occasions: Steve Paxton , Lisa Nelson (Tuning Scores) and Simone Forti (Logomotion). She has been studying
in-depth with Steve Paxton from the late 1980`s.. More about Nóra:

Eszter Gál (HU) is a dancer, choreographer, dance teacher, a certified Skinner Releasing Technique teacher, and an ISMETA registered Somatic Movement Educator (RSME). She has been teaching releasing work and improvisation including Contact Improvisation for 30 years. She is the program director of Somatic Dialogues, a 2-year somatic movement educator training program in Budapest. She has been teaching internationally since 1998 and has been
creating her artistic work since 1993. In 2020, she joined the Berlin-based Cranky Bodies a/company to research collaborative performance-art making within an international frame and make the artistry of the Postmodern dance legacy visible. She is in the final phase of her Ph.D. dissertation, researching the legacy of Contact Improvisation in Hungary and analyzing its methodology for performance art education. More about Eszter:;